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Yu Shan Oolong tea leaves

Yu Shan Oolong tea

Yu Shan Oolong tea package
Yu Shan Oolong tea farm

Winter 2017 Yu Shan Oolong Tea

Yu Shan translates to "Jade Mountain". It is the tallest mountain in East Asia, 13,000 ft (4,000 m). The year round low temperatures produce thick and juicy tea leaves which brew to a remarkably unique flavor.

Yu Shan is the highest peak in Taiwan. This area is one of the most remote wilderness regions in Taiwan. Yu Shan Oolong has its own distinct flavor and richness. Yu Shan Oolong is a top grade Oolong. The production quantity is very limited.

Yu Shan Oolong tea is very unique and smooth. Its flavor has high concentration. It can be brewed for many times with good results. If you like refreshing green high mountain flavor, you will love Yu Shan Oolong tea.

The bottom picture on this page shows our tea farm, shown behind the tall trees on the slope. It is located at 1,600 meters bordering the Yu Shan national park right on the other side of the mountain ridge. Our farm location gets just the right amount of sun light for growing tea. The cool temperatures and soft mountain water produce superior tea plants. The low clouds also give ample moisture year round.


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