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High quality hand picked Taiwan high mountain Oolong tea at low prices
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Taiwan high mountain tea farm

Li Shan Oolong tea

Li Shan Oolong Tea

Dong Ding Oolong Tea
Ali Shan Oolong Tea
Shan Lin Xi Oolong Tea
Shan Lin Xi Jin Shuan Tea
Li Shan Oolong Tea
Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea
Yu Shan Oolong Tea
Li Shan Aged Oolong Tea
Da Yu Ling Aged Oolong Tea
Honey Oolong Black Tea
Honey Oolong Black Tea Young Leaves

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Facts About Taiwan

Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, is located in Southeast Asia. The island is 245 miles (392 km) long and 89 miles (142 km) wide, about 14,000 squared miles (36,000 squared km) in area. The island consists of steep mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation. The highest mountainous point is about 13,041 feet (3,952 m) high.

Taiwan is a democratic and capitalist country. The Republic of China is the first democracy in China after the Qing dynasty. The Republic of China was defeated by the communist People's Republic of China and retreated to Taiwan in 1949.

Taiwan's economy is export driven. The economy is dominated by small and medium size businesses. The GDP growth has averaged about 8% during the past three decades. Taiwan's foreign reserves are the world's fifth largest as of December 31, 2008. Taiwan's current GDP per capita is equal to the average of the EU countries.

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