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Taiwan tea culture

Taiwan Oolong Tea Culture

Tea is not only a common drink in Taiwan, it is also a culture. It is grown and sold in many regions of the island. Tea is served in restaurants, business occasions, wedding banquets, and funeral services. Serving tea is a way to make guests and clients feel welcome.

The world tea production amounts to more than 2.5 million tons a year. 90% of the world production is fully oxidized black tea, 8% is unoxidized green tea, and 2% is semioxidized Oolong tea. Oxidation refers to the fermentation process that occurs when the tea leaf is exposed to air which causes it to darken.

The total world production of Oolong tea is about 50,000 tons a year. The main growing areas are Taiwan and Fujian and Guangdong provinces in China. Vietnam and Thailand have also started producing Oolong tea in recent years. Taiwan has an annual output of over 20,000 tons.

The high quality of Taiwan tea attributes to several factors. The most important factor is Taiwan's unique climate. Taiwan's climate is subtropical. Its mountainous terrain provides ideal growing conditions for tea. The subtropical mountains are as tall as 13,000 ft (3,939 m) which provide cool yet moisture air. This causes the tea to grow slowly and produces plants with leaves that are robust, thick, and soft. The climate combined with fertile soil produce the best tea in the world.

Taiwan started exporting its fine teas to all over the world in 1860. It now constitutes 20% of Taiwan's export business. The Taiwanese government has a good website telling the stories of Taiwan's tea culture.

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