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Taiwan high mountain tea farm

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Li Shan Oolong Tea

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Honey Oolong black tea leaves

Honey Oolong black tea

Honey Oolong black tea package

Honey oolong tea farm

Honey oolong tea farm area

Honey oolong tea farm

Winter 2017 Honey Oolong Black Tea

Our honey Oolong tea farm is located in Taitung, Taiwan, shown in the bottom picture. The area, 2nd picture from the bottom, is fertile argriculture land next to a major river.

The natural sweet honey taste comes from leaf hopper bites. If you look closely at the 3rd picture from the bottom, you can see a tiny insect on the left edge of the bottom center leaf. That is a leaf hopper. After they eat the leaves, they leave behind a natural honey sweet taste in the leaves.

Our honey black oolong is 95% oxidized. It is smooth, sweet, ripe, and flavorful. It is organic and without added flavors. It is also delicious served cold.


150 g (5.6 oz) - $42.00

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