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dong ding Oolong tea leaves

dong ding Oolong tea

dong ding Oolong tea package

Winter 2017 Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Dong Ding is a mountain in Nantou county Lugu area (Deer Valley). Dong Ding means "Frozen Summit." Dong Ding Oolong is 30-50% oxidized and then heavily baked for an extended period of time. As a result, it has a darker color.

The first tea planted in Dong Ding was in 1855, and it has become one of the most famous teas exported from Taiwan. The popularity for Dong Ding is vast and the demand is larger than the possible production in Lugu. Today Dong Ding Oolong refers more to the method of oxidation and baking in accordance to the original artisan crafted Oolong developed in Lugu. Our Dong Ding Oolong tea is grown in Lugu.

The heavy baking process brings out Dong Ding's ripe fruity aroma. It has a full-bodied sweet taste. If you want to have a full mouth flavor, Dong Ding is the right choice.


150 g (5.6 oz) - $34.00

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